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Who is the Cash Cartel? How did we earn the nickname?

May 28, 2012

$$$$$ I know what you’re thinking…another scam low budget bunch of hacks who are attempting to make up for their previous gambling losses by praying on uninformed online sports bettors. However, if that’s what your thinking there’s no other word to describe that other than WRONG.We just strongly believe that once the online community picks up on how consistently be bury the books, we’ll be able to make more money than we could have ever hoped while ONLY gambling. At the low prices/commitment that we will be assessing for our services, you’ll be making more $$$ than you ever could have hoped as well. It’s a win-win all around….well unless your a bookie. $$$$$$$

$$$$$$$ What sets us apart from the typical ‘Scandicappers’ out there is that we base our plays on what WILL happen, not what already has. While in general the past is the best indicator of what will happen in the future, this is not the case in gambling. Why do you think sites like Sportsbook tell you which games are garnering the highest action? Why do you think every single statistic you could possibly wrap your head around is readily available to anyone who looks for it? THEY (Vegas) know what their doing, and they know how to dupe the average bettor. We’re here to keep you from being duped, by simply using what we KNOW will happen rather than crunching every single possible little useless statistic.$$$$$$$

$$$$$$$ This is not to say trends and statistics are not important because they most certainly are; but like with anything else, too much can be a very negative thing. So, in short, save yourself the hassle and mental rooftop chatter and leave the bookie cracking to US. You just kick back a SMALL portion of your bankroll to us, and we’ll make sure that it rapidly multiplies. If you don’t believe us, just keep up with our 100% transparent records that can be found here at any time. THEN, you will see that you’ve missed out but can still hop on. It’s never too late to get on board with the Cash Cartel and do what we all love to do…make a shitload of cash while sitting on our asses doing what we love to do; watch sports. $$$$$$$

$$$$$$$ The many different/flexible options will be up and posted soon so you can take a gander at your possibilities. There will be everything from one game commitments to year long subscriptions, all extremely moderately prices compared to our inferior competition. Roughly half of our plays will be ‘Guaranteed’, meaning if you don’t get paid, neither do we. What do you have to lose? $$$$$$$

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