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How Do We Rate Our Plays?

October 16, 2012

The key to any GOOD capper’s success is proper money managment. This is why how we rate our plays proves to be so crucial. Now on other sites you’ve probably found it comical to see guys unleash things like “150 DIMER LOCK” or “300 DIME ONE TIME SPECIAL”. We do NOT do that here. We keep it logistical and rate our plays STRICTLY from 5 dimes to 100 dimes.
To put it in perspective, imagine the dimes as percentage points. As in a 5 dimer would be 5% of what you are WILLING TO LOSE from your bank roll at THAT TIME. A 100 Dime play is something that you will likely only see a handful of times a season if that. This would mean we are telling you to dump all you have into this play, and means it is virtually a guarantee.

We dont chase here, so even if we do happen to hit a little rough patch we will stay true to our rating system, as should you. It is important to follow this system CLOSELY because this is how you will make that cash you desire so much. Do what we tell you to and you WILL profit and profit huge. DO NOT stray from our value system as proper money management and discipline is the ONLY way you will turn huge profits in this business.

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