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October 16, 2012

As we here at The Cash Cartel are beginning our transition from a very successful local career to what will be an equally furitful online community, we are offering ALL of our picks for FREE in this special trial period. All you have to do is check here daily around 3 PM to get your WINNERS at no charge.

We know you will be satisfied with us after cashing in big, and in turn will stay with us and grace us with your business. So it’s really a win-win all around (don’t see that much in Gambling huh?) and we can’t wait until we really start to take off.

The site will be going thru major construction in the coming days as we will show you what we’re all about thru posts and videos. We will not be hiding behind computer screens, you’ll see our faces daily and know we are who we say we are.

So what do you have to lose (besides more $$$ with these other clowns out there)?? Check us out, you will be extremely satisfied and that is a guarantee. You’ll be able to tell people you were HERE for the launch of this what will soon be historic group.

*Contact Info will be up soon***

Stay on the lookout for updates on how you can contact us, everything will be explained as we ratchet it up here.

Lets make this money!

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