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***40 Dime Thursday Night Lock**

We’re unleashing a 40 Dime LOCK tonight on….


The Minnesota Vikings -5.5



***Two Rock Solid NFL Plays for 10/21***

Alright boys no way to hide it yesterday was a lousy day as we went 1-2 for a net loss of 30 dimes. We won’t make any excuses even though it would have been nice for South Carolina to hang on to the damn football, or TCU to finish off the job in their 3OT thriller but let’s make it back in a big way today!! Check below for the Video and check back tomorrow for our Monday Night play.

Yesterday: 15 Dime WINNER on the Purdue Boilermakers +18 over OSU

20 Dime LOSER on the TCU -1.5 Horned Frogs over the Texas Tech Red Raiders

25 Dime LOSER on the South Carolina Gamecocks +3.5 over the Florida Gators

Year to Date: 4-3, +15 Dimes


**20 Dime Underdog Special: is on the Cleveland Browns +1 over the Indianapolis Colts

**40 Dime Divisional BLOWOUT** is on the New England Patriots -10 over the New York Jets


***Two 10/20 3:30 College Football LOCKS*** (FREE)

Alright guys we’re locked and loaded with two fierce 3:30 College Football plays today. We’ve got One 25 Dimer and another 20 Dimer that we’ve deciphered thru and are ready to unleash for you guys to make some serious dough from your couches today (who doesn’t love that)!

We also finally have our video system up and running which will be included in this post.

**20 Dime Big 12 Small Chalk Lock**: Our 20 Dime Small Chalk Lock today is on the TCU Horned Frogs -1.5

Year To Date: 3-1, +45 dimes

10 Dimers: 1-1, EVEN

20 Dimers: 1-0, +20 Dimes

25 Dimers: 1-0, +25 Dimes

**Wake up and Win College Play 10/20**

We’ll be getting back to you shortly with a video for our two later plays, but here is our *15 Dime Wake up and Win Special*!

Our 15 Dime “Wake up and Win” Special is on the Purdue Boilermakers +18 over the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Lets keep this momentum rolling here as we now are a documented 3-1 with a net profit of 45 Dimes!!!

That means if you’ve been following our value system you’d almost be up HALF of your total bank roll already!!!

Lets keep it going and as always….MAKE THAT CASH!!!!

-Chucky Cheese

YTD: 3-1, +45 Dimes

10 Dimers: 1-1, EVEN

20 Dimers: 1-0, +20 Dimes

25 Dimers: 1-0, +25 Dimes


We’ll take a solid 10 dimer on the made up game today as we nailed the OVER in the Yankees Tigers game. Let’s keep this momentum moving into tonight with our “Thursday Night Can’t Miss 25 Dimer”

**25 Dime Thursday Night Cant Miss LOCK**:

Our Thursday night lock is on the Seattle Seahawks +9 over the San Fransisco 49ers for 25 Dimes 

Keep in mind this is our strongest play yet so be sure to adjust your betting amount accordingly.

Year to Date: 2-1, +20 Dimes

10 Dimers: 1-1, EVEN

20 Dimers: 1-0, +20 Dimes

Lets get that CASH!

Short Write up: There is no doubt that the San Fransisco 49ers will be coming out with an attitude and something to prove tonight after being embarrassed this past Sunday by the defending champs. While we expect the 9ers to win outright, it will come right down to the wire. They have won 9 of their last 11 at home but were really exposed this past week at both lines of scrimmage, and they should not be happy about one of the top D’s in the league coming to town. Bottom line, the Seahawks are way too physical at the line and especially in the secondary to get pushed around and lose by ten tonight. Alex Smith will have trouble completing his short passes against the likes of Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman, look for these two to be the biggest difference makers on the field.

Score Prediction: 49ers 20, Seahawks 17.


***OCT 17 Play of the Day*** (FREE)

Alright fellas, we’ll take last night’s solid 10 Dimes net profit and try to carry on the momentum into tonight. Not too much action on the board but we were able to isolate one play we like.

Yesterday serves as a quick reminder as to why the value money management system is SO important to follow just as I instruct. We only went 1-1 on the day, but still hit nice +10 Dimes profit as we were TWICE as confident in North Texas than we were in the Yankees ML.

YTD: 1-1, +10 Dimes

10 Dimers: 0-1

20 Dimers: 1-1

***Today’s Play of the Night***

Tonight’s play is a 10 Dimer on the OVER in the Yankees @ Tigers game of 7 Runs

We expect the Yankees bats to finally bust out in a big way tonight and would not be surprised both these teams slug 10 or more runs combined. Both pitchers, and pitching staffs in general, have been hot there’s no denying that. However, both of these lineups have way too much fire power to continue hitting at such a putrid pace, especially the Yankees. Play 10 Dimes on the Over and check back tomorrow.

Lets make that CASH!

**PLAYS FOR 10/16*** FREE!

Normally we will have full write ups for all of our paying customers, today we are just posting the plays because we got a late start after dealing with website issues. Expect daily videos as well.


*20 Dime College Football Tuesday Night Lock!*

Our Tuesday night lock in College Football is: North Texas +4.5 for 20 Dimes

Play #2:

*10 Dime Baseball Play of the Day*

Our 10 Dime Baseball Play of the Day is: New York Yankees +165 10 Dimes to win 16.5 Dimes

GOOD LUCK! Lets Make this Cash!

-Chucky Cheese Plays


As we here at The Cash Cartel are beginning our transition from a very successful local career to what will be an equally furitful online community, we are offering ALL of our picks for FREE in this special trial period. All you have to do is check here daily around 3 PM to get your WINNERS at no charge.

We know you will be satisfied with us after cashing in big, and in turn will stay with us and grace us with your business. So it’s really a win-win all around (don’t see that much in Gambling huh?) and we can’t wait until we really start to take off.

The site will be going thru major construction in the coming days as we will show you what we’re all about thru posts and videos. We will not be hiding behind computer screens, you’ll see our faces daily and know we are who we say we are.

So what do you have to lose (besides more $$$ with these other clowns out there)?? Check us out, you will be extremely satisfied and that is a guarantee. You’ll be able to tell people you were HERE for the launch of this what will soon be historic group.

*Contact Info will be up soon***

Stay on the lookout for updates on how you can contact us, everything will be explained as we ratchet it up here.

Lets make this money!

How Do We Rate Our Plays?

The key to any GOOD capper’s success is proper money managment. This is why how we rate our plays proves to be so crucial. Now on other sites you’ve probably found it comical to see guys unleash things like “150 DIMER LOCK” or “300 DIME ONE TIME SPECIAL”. We do NOT do that here. We keep it logistical and rate our plays STRICTLY from 5 dimes to 100 dimes.
To put it in perspective, imagine the dimes as percentage points. As in a 5 dimer would be 5% of what you are WILLING TO LOSE from your bank roll at THAT TIME. A 100 Dime play is something that you will likely only see a handful of times a season if that. This would mean we are telling you to dump all you have into this play, and means it is virtually a guarantee.

We dont chase here, so even if we do happen to hit a little rough patch we will stay true to our rating system, as should you. It is important to follow this system CLOSELY because this is how you will make that cash you desire so much. Do what we tell you to and you WILL profit and profit huge. DO NOT stray from our value system as proper money management and discipline is the ONLY way you will turn huge profits in this business.

Who is the Cash Cartel? How did we earn the nickname?

$$$$$ I know what you’re thinking…another scam low budget bunch of hacks who are attempting to make up for their previous gambling losses by praying on uninformed online sports bettors. However, if that’s what your thinking there’s no other word to describe that other than WRONG.We just strongly believe that once the online community picks up on how consistently be bury the books, we’ll be able to make more money than we could have ever hoped while ONLY gambling. At the low prices/commitment that we will be assessing for our services, you’ll be making more $$$ than you ever could have hoped as well. It’s a win-win all around….well unless your a bookie. $$$$$$$

$$$$$$$ What sets us apart from the typical ‘Scandicappers’ out there is that we base our plays on what WILL happen, not what already has. While in general the past is the best indicator of what will happen in the future, this is not the case in gambling. Why do you think sites like Sportsbook tell you which games are garnering the highest action? Why do you think every single statistic you could possibly wrap your head around is readily available to anyone who looks for it? THEY (Vegas) know what their doing, and they know how to dupe the average bettor. We’re here to keep you from being duped, by simply using what we KNOW will happen rather than crunching every single possible little useless statistic.$$$$$$$

$$$$$$$ This is not to say trends and statistics are not important because they most certainly are; but like with anything else, too much can be a very negative thing. So, in short, save yourself the hassle and mental rooftop chatter and leave the bookie cracking to US. You just kick back a SMALL portion of your bankroll to us, and we’ll make sure that it rapidly multiplies. If you don’t believe us, just keep up with our 100% transparent records that can be found here at any time. THEN, you will see that you’ve missed out but can still hop on. It’s never too late to get on board with the Cash Cartel and do what we all love to do…make a shitload of cash while sitting on our asses doing what we love to do; watch sports. $$$$$$$

$$$$$$$ The many different/flexible options will be up and posted soon so you can take a gander at your possibilities. There will be everything from one game commitments to year long subscriptions, all extremely moderately prices compared to our inferior competition. Roughly half of our plays will be ‘Guaranteed’, meaning if you don’t get paid, neither do we. What do you have to lose? $$$$$$$