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**40 Dime Monday Night BLOWOUT**

Our 40 Dime Monday Night Blowout is on the New Orleans Saints -2.5 over the Philadelphia Eagles



**20 Dime Late NBA Inter-Conference Play**

Our 20 Dime Late NBA Inter-Conference Play is on the New Orleans Hornets +9.5 over the Chicago Bulls

***35 Dime Sat Night Top 25 Blowout***

Our 35 Dime Saturday Night Top 25 Blowout Special is on the Kansas State Wildcats -7 (BUY HOOK) over the Oklahoma State Cowboys

Expect to see major improvements to the site starting tonight. Appearance will be altered, records will be tallied and we wont fall behind on that again. Also a long video will be posted tonight updating you on our progress and our monster day of plays tomorrow! Stayed tuned and let’s get this week started with a bang!

***35 Dime Monday Night Cashout***

Our 35 Dime Monday Night Cashout is on the Arizona Cardinals +7.5 over the San Fransisco 49ers

Let’s end the week on a good note after cashing in at +125 dimes yesterday and being a field goal away from being up over 200. We needed to unleash some monster plays with the combination of a rough start to the week and just absolutely ripe lines on Sunday. Lets make that cash!

***Sunday Night 25 Dime Special***

Our 25 Dime Sunday Night Special is on the Denver Broncos -6.5 over the New Orleans Saints

Let’s keep this great day going (+100 Dimes) with a little 25 dime action to get almost back to even during this crazy stretch. Updated total numbers + a video will be posted tomorrow.

***4:25 75 Dime NFC East LOCK***

Our 4:25 75 Dime NFC East LOCK is on the New York Giants -1.5 over the Dallas Cowboys

Hop on board as we attempt to double up on our early 75 dime BLOWOUT on the Miami Dolphins.

***Two HUGE 1:00 NFL Plays*** (FREE)

Alright boys, theres no excuses over here at the Cash Cartel. We took a big lick yesterday to round off a pretty brutal week overall. Are we scared? Given up? Deterred from our confidence? HA! If you thought yes to any of those questions you might as well click that X in the top right corner and just leave this website now, because that is NOT how we do things over here.

After that rough day, we scoured our info and every single possible angle for every single game even if we didnt appear to “like it”. Today is going to be a bad day for bookies and we GUARANTEE that. To make up for yesterdays debacle on Oklahoma, all our plays are free today. We’ve got big ones op tap as we’ve got some serious ground to make up so as always…LETS MAKE THAT CASH!

Our 50 Dime ‘Wake up and WIN’ is on the Tennessee Titans -3 over the Colts

Our 75 Dime ‘NFC East LOCK of the YEAR’ is on the Miami Dolphins +1.5 over the Jets

Check back around 3:30 after we’re dominating the board to get our next set of plays should we see fit.

Lets make that CASH!

**Late add 8 PM College Football SEC 15 Dimer**

We’ll release our last play to you guys right at game time NOW…

15 Dime SEC play on Mississippi State +22.5 over Alabama

Lets go boys!

**Rare 8 PM 75 Dime College Football LOCK** (FREE)

Our paid customers have had this all day but again to be fair to them we are releasing this late so they don’t feel compromised. This time you guys still have about 20-30 minutes to get on board so do not miss our BIGGEST EVER “can’t lose” play!!!

75 Dime Primtime College Football “Can’t Lose” LOCK is on…

Oklahoma -12 over Notre Dame.

DO NOT miss out on this, we hardly will EVER release a play this big and maybe not in college football again this season! Let’s get up huge for a big day tomorrow!! This play will NOT lose!

**3:30 College Football Plays** (FREE 2 PLAYS!)

Free two college football BOMBS at 3:30 that we’ve had isolated for the better part of the week. Let’s get back on track here after stumbling thru most of this last week. We released this play at game time because we felt it would be unfair to our many customers to release it free to some and not them. NFL plays will be back up and free tomorrow for all as we continue our promo period until we can show you at least one serious run that we love to go on. Starts TODAY!

35 Dime College Football ‘Out West SHOOTOUT* is on USC -5 over Arizona

40 Dime College Football ‘Big 12 Blowout’ is on Kansas State -6.5 over Texas Tech (BUY HOOK -120)